• Sanja

    If you are like me, you may have the impression that most people use (likely not any less vulnerable) Microsoft Office these days, which is why I have to share this interesting finding -  there have been over half a million downloads of OpenOffice via SourceForge last week alone and over 200 million downloads all time!

  • Parag Baxi

    Libreoffice has been steadily adding new features over the past few years and creating a wider gap between itself and Openoffice. Interesting to note that the vulnerabilities discovered are shared. Curious to know if they plan to perform a security audit, and if security patches by either will be ported to other.

  • Dkirkpatrick

    While the numbers for openoffice downloads is impressively high, I don't think that number properly represents the user base. Most users will have openoffice in their Linux distributions by default, or just install it through the package manager.

    Plus, people who know about sourceforge are going to avoid sourceforge these days. 

  • Asanabria

    In France, open-source/free software is even preferred over commercial, paid software. I've seen a lot of K-12 and Universities using Libre/OpenOffice also.

    As for similarities, it looks like LibreOffice was split in 2010, but it's a HUGE codebase, so it's understandable that there's a lot that's still shared.

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